Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Yorkie Puppy "Ole" had his Atlantoaxial Subluxation surgery...

May 7th - The day after his surgery.
Thursday 5/6/10 : Ole (Pronounced "Oh-lee" - Norwegian), our Yorkie puppy had his AAI surgery today. We are very nervous and hope that we've made the right decision.

5/13/10: Ole's surgery was a week ago and he is doing well. We hope he will be able to walk soon. There's not much information out there regarding this condition, so if anyone would like to know our experience with Ole and AAI (where the first and second vertebra do not connect... exposing the spinal column and causing paralysis) you can contact us via comments on this post. We will respond.

Update 5/23/2010: Ole is doing OK. He still has a long recovery ahead of him, but today I watched as he stood for a moment using his hind legs... something he hasn't done in months! He is more responsive, trying to reposition himself, and even playful. His incision is almost invisible and his hair is growing back nicely. It's been two weeks and 2 days since the surgery.

Update 6/14/10: Ole is making great progress! He is taking steps and his front legs are getting stronger and stronger every day! This morning when Gary brought the puppies their breakfast, Ole had walked across the room to meet him! It was incredible and wonderful!! He's still wobbly, but things are looking really good!

Update 7/30/10: Ole is doing wonderfully well! He still gets tired and he is still recuperating, but he is walking and can even run! He is playful and he is eating and sleeping just like a normal dog. He gets himself to the potty papers without help... gets to his water bowl and food dish without help... and the thing that makes us realize that he is almost back to normal is that he is not content to just sit in our laps on the couch anymore! He wants to get down and run around. He had his check-up with the neurologist this past week and even though he always gets so nervous at the doctor, he walked around his office... which really pleased his doctor. It's amazing what has occurred. It's amazing how Ole's broken neck was repaired. It's completely amazing that he can walk again... we've got our puppy back!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cadillac Commercial Using one of Jona's songs!

The song is '"Psychic City" by YACHT

YACHT is Jona & Claire