Friday, July 27, 2007

Arrived in London Safely

The flight was smooth and uneventful, and very LONG! I got sick from the shrimp salad they served with dinner, but I have recovered nicely. We took a cabbie (who resembled and spoke like Alfred P. Doolittle from My Fair Lady) from Heathrow to the Hotel Bailey where we took naps before heading to the West End Theater District to see "Mary Poppins". It was so wonderful... a great performance! Mary Poppins flew with her umbrella out over the audience! After, we ate dinner at the Aberdeen Steak House and then took the London Underground back to the hotel. That was an experience in itself! It was packed and hot, but Gary kept making me laugh so I managed to survive the tube! There was a triple escalator at Leicester Square Station that took everyone from the street level to the train cars many levels below ground. It was steep and the metal tube like walls were painted white. There was a guitarist at the bottom of the escalators playing "Here Comes the Sun"... it was magical and heaven-like! London is absolutely amazing! -Karen


DustyPDX said...

As your newly appointed valet, I think you forgot to tell me what time my plane leaves. No problamo..simply email me at
have fun!

Joel Conrad Bechtolt said...

"eh-low gov'nah"