Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Panthe-What? I thought this was the Parthenon!!

Did the Romans Ever Have an Original Thought?

Jeez! Even the names of their shrines is confusing!!!

Well, come to find out that we weren't at the Parthenon after all, just some place called the Pantheon, which is Roman for "We couldn't think of a better name, so, like, 'whatever'."

It's a nice place, quite old and full of marble. Easy to find. Just hop into any cab and say "I want to go see that Pan-thing." Within a few minutes or days, you'll find yourself at one of them.

Gary & Karen

Karen, trying to push over one of the pillars.

It looked so easy when Samson did it, but it's not!

These things are big and heavy!

Actually, Karen has made it a habit of touching a lot of historical things over in Europe (I refused to take her to Florence to see the statue of David). She loves coming into contact with the history, the ancient marble and wondering who all has been there before. I make her was her hands constantly.


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