Saturday, August 18, 2007

We Have Got it Down to a Science!!!

Team Banzai - the Wandering Vagabonds - have this traveling thing down!

We are very sad to have to leave this wonderful apartment and Venice, but everything is packed, loaded and we are ready for our next adventure. Oh, and that was all done by 9 a.m. this morning, more than an hour before we had to leave.

If we could just figure out how to keep our space ship stocked with fuel (hmm-m, money), we could keep doing this forever! We even have clean clothes (thanks to my beautiful wife)!!

We will be checking out of here shortly, we have ordered up a water taxi (what a lovely concept!) and are heading to Venezia Santa Lucia where Trenitalia will take us to "The Eternal City", "The City of the Seven Hills", ROME!!

Love from the City of Canals (and no traffic!),

Gary & Karen

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