Monday, November 5, 2007

Whiskers 1987 - 2007

We lost a dear member of our family this morning.

In the world of cats, you don't often think of cats as touching a lot of people's lives, but she did.

Jona bought Whiskers from "Country Lovin' Pets" in Astoria. She was his faithful companion for 20 years.

When she was a year old Whiskers had 4 kittens.

Kirby Hemeon-Bechtolt, Max Bechtolt, Friskey Servino and Sylvester Lindstrom all had preceded her.

Whiskers was a member of our family and it is so sad that she's gone.

Love you Whiskers....


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Oh NO! I hope it was peaceful and she was with loved ones!
She was more cat than any other cat I've ever known!


Gary and Karen said...

Hi Coley!
Yes, she was at home and passed away in her sleep.
Whiskers was the GREATEST cat! Do you remember Penny our Yorkie? To this day, when I asked her "where's Coley?" She gets all excited and her ears perk up! :) She's got to be 12 or 13 years old now!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Oh that's so CUTE! Of course I remember Penny! And Peso too! I can't believe that she's so old (in doggie years.)