Saturday, March 8, 2008

Oh Lord, Stuck in Newark, Again

"Grounded by our flight,
Wrapped up like a douche,
And we spend another night,
Grounded by our flight!"

Okay, whatever, I've never been totally clear on exactly what old Manny was singing there. Kind of like "Help Me Rhonda" - "since she put me down, I've been out screwing in my bed" - wasn't sure whether Rhonda was still in the picture.

But here we are, beyond flight time and, yep, still on terra firma.

By the way, for any of you that grew up in the Sixties, in case you're curious, "Five Easy Pieces" was just a documentary, last night, we just wanted plain pasta, with a cheese sauce, we ended up ordering a "Fettucini Mario", hold the peppers, hold the vegetables, hold the chicken, just give us the fettucini without Mario. Oh, and they still screwed it up. .. twice.

By now, we should be on our flight somewhere over the Passover States, but we are still in Newark. (Note from Karen: We were suppose to be home at 1 o'clock today. Our flight was canceled due the weather... which is always so comforting. At 2 this morning we were on the phone for an hour+ with the airline trying to figure out a way to get home. I asked Gary to get us train tickets, but just like our original flight, that was a no-go.)

We have another day here, so I need to do some Web searches on "What to do in Newark?" or "Newark on $5 a day".

One sight suggests: "Often overlooked due to its proximity to New York City, Newark is the 3rd oldest of the major U.S. cities and possesses its share of unique treasures. As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark offers an exciting mix of culture, arts and shopping plus a growing business environment. [NOTE FROM GARY: NONE OF THESE "EXCITING" MIXES ARE SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED.] A key transportation hub, Newark's best known for the bustling Newark Liberty International Airport, which serves approximately 32 million passengers a year."

So, even their travel ads suggest that the best thing to see in Newark is the airport as you find your way out of this town.

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