Monday, December 22, 2008

Never Give Up... Never Surrender!

Our flight to London was canceled yesterday. NWA told us that MAYBE, just MAYBE we could get out on Christmas Day.

Not acceptable.

Gary, promptly re-booked us on a flight out of San Francisco, where I am currently waiting to board to London via Atlanta. We safely drove out of Portland yesterday.. a major feat in itself which took nearly 2 hours from PDX to the I-205/I-5 junction. We rented an SUV in Eugene... we braved the southern Oregon and Northern California passes and made our way to San Francisco in 18 hours.

We've had 40 minutes of sleep at a rest area in California, but we are very happy to say that we will be in London tomorrow.

A mini miracle!



Anonymous said...

You guy's are BRAVE! Never surrender! Hope you both have a blast and say HI to the Brits for us...

Nate and Amanda

RoseCityGirl said...

Oh my Goodness! We are happy you made it safely!

Justin,Katie & the boys