Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Royal Pavilion Brighton-The Palace of King George IV

The Royal Pavilion is extraordinary and strange!
We toured and then had tea in Queen Adelaide's Tea Room that overlooked the gardens.
The day we were there, there was a big band playing and doves cooing in the trees...it was wonderful!!  


Joel Conrad Bechtolt said...

The Times wrote in 1830, that he (George IV), would always prefer "a girl and a bottle to politics and a sermon." Did his crib show any signs of that?

Upon reading that I was thinking the king was my kinda guy until I read that Duke of Wellington said that George was "the worst man he ever fell in with his whole life, the most selfish, the most false, the most ill-natured, the most entirely without one redeeming quality". Ouch.

Then again he was a Duke and neither a bottle nor broad so who needs him?

Anonymous said...

Tell me what your tea was like, and did you have "scones"? I am disappointed with stonehenge too...oh well, you all are seeing some wonderful places of interest.
*Joel you are wonderfully witty"...thanks for blogging! On the Duke, he was the Duke and not the King..don'twe always have opinions of leader's no matter how good, or how bad they really are???? Or in our terms our bosess vs employee's? There's always talk among us. To live during the time of King's and Queen's enjoy and relax Susie